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Сертификат ISO 9001

Сертификат ISO 9001
Veliko Tarnovo Region

Veliko Tarnovo Region
Area: 4 661 572 ha,
Population: 258 494,
Total settlements: 336,
Cities: 14,
Municipalities: 10
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Veliko Tarnovo Region
» Veliko Tarnovo Region

The region has a unique and rich cultural and historical heritage and boasts beautiful natural surroundings.

The administrative center of the region is the town of Veliko Tarnovo. It is impossible to speak impartiality of the town. It was a capital of the medieval Bulgarian State. Every stone in Veliko Tarnovo tells a unique history. The Bulgarian people continue to celebrate the values of this long and rich history.

Veliko Tarnovo also has a dynamic and modern present and goals for the future. Its major aim is to slowly but surely become a European region with sustainable development like the regions in the European Union countries by utilizing a favorable climate for investments, working on new projects, business and infrastructure plans.

Veliko Tarnovo region works for the achievement of sustainable and balanced development through: implementing of modern and high-effective forms of international tourism; drawing of high technologies in the industry; active attracting of local and foreign investment. Тhese activities are expected to result in improvement of the life standard of the population of the region.

Strategy for regional development has been elaborated in order to ensure the development processes in Veliko Tarnovo region. Based on SWOT analysis the vision of the region is determined and overall strategic goal is formulated.

Vision: “Veliko Tarnovo region – European region with leading role as an industrial, transport-logistical, tourist, cultural and educational center; attractive for investors, people and tourists; achieving stable and balanced territory development; and ensuring security, clean and harmonic environment and good living standard”.

The overall strategic goal, formulated in the Strategy for Regional Development: “Achievement of economic growth and improvement in quality of life on complex and balanced development of the region”, is decomposed to few priorities. They are:

  • Economic dynamism and regional competitiveness;
  • Infrastructure and environment;
  • Quality of life;
  • Territorial cohesion;
  • Sustainable alternative tourism;
  • Institutional environment.

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