The geographical location of the Veliko Turnovo district in Central Northern Bulgaria makes it a crossroads of important transport arteries – national and international. One of the ten international transport corridors – ICC N 9 Helsinki – Moscow – Bucharest – Alexandroupolis – passes through it. Corridor N9 connects Europe with Asia and the Middle East. It is connected to the NBC Danube River N 7, the NBC N 8 Adriatic-Black Sea and the NBC 4 in the Sofia-Svilengrad section.

In the direction of the West-East through the territory of the area passes the national highway Hemus with direction Sofia-Varna. The presence of an international airport in Gorna Oryahovitsa, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, is one of the most prominent advantages of the transport infrastructure of the area. The airport has a 24-hour working schedule and accepts freight, passenger and charter flights from Europe, Asia and Africa.

The railway junction in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa is the second one of national significance for the Republican railway card after Sofia. Gorna Oryahovitsa crosses part of the European route E-680 in its part Sofia-Varna and line E-95 Rousse-G. Oryahovitsa-Podkova. These lines are categorized in the European Agreement on Combined Transport. In the north of Veliko Tarnovo there is a Danube river border. Here is situated the town of Svishtov with a built river port, providing the connection of the region with the Central European countries through which the Danube passes.

By indicators for communications and telecommunication provision the area exceeds the average for the country. For the district, the telephone density is 97.11 (number of households per 100 households), with an average of 84.64. In the town of Veliko Tarnovo passes through a section of the optical ring of the country. In the energy sector Veliko Tarnovo is the center of one of the seven regions for the country. The existing in the area 5 HPP and 3 TPPs of local importance are not enough to cover its energy needs. That is why energy resources from the national energy system are also used.